Pella Chronicle

July 24, 2012

2012 Parade of Champions - Marion County Fair

The Chronicle

Knoxville — Pet

Best of Show- Seth Goff

Champion Reptile/Fish/Amphibian- Travis Ernst

Champion Mammal/Bird/Other- Seth Goff


Champion Senior Rabbit Showman- Emily Hunt

Reserve Senior Rabbit Showman- Megan Stittsworth

Champion Inter. Rabbit Showman- Travis Ernst

Reserve Inter. Rabbit Showman- Samantha Fuller

Champion Junior Rabbit Showman- Tytus Hunt

Reserve Junior Rabbit Showman- Kate Coalbank

Best of Show- Molly Devin

Best in Opposite Breed- Hunter Shives

Best Costume- Austin Darnell


Champion Senior Cat Showman- Rachel Surbaugh

Reserve Junior Cat Showman- Tytus Hunt

Best Cat- Rachel Surbaugh

Champion Cat 1-7 yrs- Rachel Surbaugh

Champion Cat 7 + yrs- Carson Shinn


Champion Senior Poultry Showman- Maria Finan

Reserve Senior Poultry Showman- Drew Carlson

Champion Int. Poultry Showman- James Van Gorp

Reserve Int. Poultry Showman- Isaiah Finan

Champion Junior Poultry Showman- Camryn Norton

Reserve Junior Poultry Showman- Taylor Ripperger

Grand Champion Poultry- Connor Bailey

Reserve Grand Champion Poultry- Attylissa Bailey

Champion Large Foul (Chicken)- Attylissa Bailey

Champion Bantam- Connor Bailey

Champion Production Bird- Grace Held

Champion Market Broiler- Eli Bailey

Champion Turkey- Riley Collins

Champion Duck- Bronwyn Metcalf

Champion Game Bird + Other- Grace Held

Champion Pigeon/Dove- Emily Hunt


Obedience Pre-Novice A- Madyson Thill

Obedience Pre-Novice B- Sierra McCullough

Obedience Novice- Jordan Richardson

Obedience Graduated Novice- Chaz Clark

Agility 1- Ashley Houser

Agility 2- Josie Houser

Agility 3- Travis Ernst


Champion Senior Goat Showman- Cody Long

Reserve Senior Goat Showman- Jacob Crozier

Champion Int. Goat Showman- Sarah Yoder

Reserve Int. Goat Showman- Chandler Jahner

Champion Junior Goat Showman- John Fetty

Reserve Junior Goat Showman- Nate Finarty

Champion Meat Goat Wether Kid- Sarah Yoder

Champion Meat Goat Doe Kid- Drew Carlson

Champion Meat Goat Yearling Doe- Chaz Clark

Grand Champion Dairy Goat- Cody Shives

Champion Senior Dairy Goat- Hunter Shives

Champion Junior Dairy Goat- Cody Shives

Best Mother & Daughter- Cody Shives


Champion Senior Lamb Showman- Ty Schneider

Reserve Senior Lamb Showman- Ally VanderHart

Champion Junior Lamb Showman- Chandler Jahner

Reserve Junior Lamb Showman- Kortney Vander Linden

Champion 1st Yr Member Lamb Showman-Brady VanderHart

Reserve 1st Yr Member Lamb Showman- Peyton McMurry

Supreme Champion Ewe- Megan Moore

Reserve Champion Ewe- Kortney Vander Linden

Champion Rate of Gain- Austin Darnell

Grand Champion Market Lamb- Megan Moore

Reserve Champion Market Lamb- Jenny Petersen


Champion Senior Swine Showman- Mae Moore

Reserve Senior Swine Showman- Emily Klootwyk

Champion Int. Swine Showman- Kassidy Johnson

Reserve Int. Swine Showman- Sarah Yoder

Champion Junior Swine Showman- Mitch Harken

Reserve Junior Swine Showman- Jack Willemsen

Grand Champion Pen of Three- Jack Williamsen

Champion Commercial Gilt- Paige Busick

Grand Champion Market Individual- Bailey Core

Reserve Champion Market Individual- Kylie Busick

Champion Co. Raised- Paige Busick

Reserve Champion Co. Raised- Jack Willemsen


Champion Senior Beef Showman- Kennedy Core

Reserve Champion Senior Beef Showman- Hagen Fouch

Champion Int. Beef Showman- Caleb Reitveld

Reserve Champion Int. Beef Showman- Jenna Kauzlarich

Champion Junior Beef Showman- Cade Van Vliet

Reserve Champion Junior Beef Showman- Tyler Peterson

Grand Champion Breeding Heifer- Chole Van Vliet

Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer- Madyson Thill

Champion Co. Raised Breeding Heifer- Madyson Thill

Grand Champion Market Heifer- Kennedy Core

Reserve Champion Market Heifer- Hagen Fouch

Champion Cow Calf- Madyson Thill

Grand Champion Market Beef- Caleb Rietveld

Reserve Champion Market Beef- Keegan Vander Molen

Champion Co. Raised Steer- Caleb Rietveld

Reserve Champion Co. Raised Steer- Dalton Garcia

Champion Bucket Calf- Mickayla McGill

Reserve Champion Bucket Calf- Coledon Vroegh


Champion Senior Horse Showman- Rachel Van Roekel

Reserve Champion Senior Horse Showman- Hunter McCullough

Champion Int. Horse Showman- Sierra McCullough

Reserve Champion Int. Horse Showman- Nathan Boldt

Champion Junior Horse Showman- Camryn Norton

Reserve Champion Junior Horse Showman- Hannah Dykstra

Master Horse Showman- Rachel Van Roekel

Reserve Master Horse Showman- Logan DeGraff

Grand Champion Horse- Carson Shinn

Reserve Champion Horse- Logan DeGraff

Grand Champion Pony- Tierney Heffron

Reserve Champion Pony- Laura Davis