Pella Chronicle

October 15, 2012

Small businesses being targeted by hackers

The Chronicle

Pella — Recently, a local retail business in Pella experienced a cyber security breach which resulted in the hacker gaining access to some of their customer’s account information.  Measures have been implemented to protect the affected customer accounts. 

Unfortunately, small businesses are being targeted by criminals who gain access to your system through phishing schemes, fraudulent emails, alleging to be from your bank or other trusted business partners.  When these emails are opened, malware or keystroke capture programs are launched on the affected computer.  Realistically, there is no way to know if every email you receive/open is from a trustworthy source, however there are safe guards and practices you can implement to help protect you from phishing schemes.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a website with great information and measures you can take to protect your business from becoming a victim to cyber hijacking.  Click on the link below to the FCC’s website on Cyber for Small Businesses, or contact your information system provider to implement the safe guards on your computer system.