Pella Chronicle

June 24, 2011

Dahm family to celebrate 100 Years in America

The Chronicle

Pella — Jacob Dahm owned a bakery in the Netherlands and had a dog cart, and later a pony cart, from which he delivered bakery products in the region of Nieuwe Beijerland.

There were 12 living children born in Holland and several who died in infancy. Jacob decided there was no future for the children in Holland, especially if they all decided to become bakers. $2,400 was spent in getting the family moved out and settled near Pella. They set sail on April 8, 1911 on the ship Ryndam. The family had the honor of having their picture taken as well as articles written by reporters who found this to be an unusual family with an unusual name.

The family first settled near Leighton, and then on a farm near Eddyville. In 1915, the family moved to the Peoria area. Stienje Dahm passed away in 1926. The cause of death was pneumonia. Jacob stayed in the area and was one of the first farmers to own a tractor. He passed away October 13, 1936.

None of the original family is living today but several descendants of the family remain in the area.