Pella Chronicle

April 1, 2014

E-B-F FFA alumni hold consignment auction

Oskaloosa Herald

---- — EDDYVILLE — On Saturday, March 8, the Agri-Power FFA Alumni held a consignment auction at the E-B-F High School.

Many local individuals consigned and donated items of their choice to be sold at the auction. Former FFA members and now a few of the current alumni members Justin Doyle, Jake Davis, Curt Houk, and Sharis Bahr-Claver came up with the idea to have the consignment auction.

All the proceeds went to the Agri-Power FFA Alumni. Percentage of the proceeds varied on the price of the item sold. The Alumni will distribute the money back to the FFA in ways of their choice.

The auction began at 10 a.m. and brought in roughly around 350 people. Items such as tractors, hay bales, wagons, livestock trailers, and many more were auctioned off. Jim Kosmas with Al Martin Auctioneer Company, Mike Stewart, Randy Sieren, and JD Sinnif with the help of his son TJ Sinnif, an active FFA member, auctioned off the items. The Alumni also had a concession stand with baked goods and beverages that were donated by FFA members and people of the community.

Many FFA members attended to help out in ways such as transporting people from the parking lot to the sale, assisting customers with their newly bought items, and working the concession stand.

“There were a lot more people than I thought there would be and it was pretty interesting to see how much each item sold for,” said Aaron Gordon, one of the FFA members that helped work the concession stand.

The auction ended at around 3:30 for a total of five and a half hours.

“The Alumni group really did an outstanding job getting this project going. I was glad that they were able to have a successful sale,” said Patrick Powers.

Most of the items sold and brought in a large amount of commission. The Alumni thought it was a very successful way to bring in money to help their organization. They hope to hold another consignment auction next year.