Pella Chronicle

January 9, 2013

T. Rex named Sue makes Iowa debut


DES MOINES — The world's most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex is coming to Iowa.

In 1990, fossil hunters in South Dakota found "Sue," a 42-foot-long T. rex missing only a few bones. On Feb. 2, Sue will make her way to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines.

The find, in addition to being one of the largest of its species yet found, was incredibly unusual. Only four specimens worldwide are even 60 percent complete. Sue is 90 percent complete.

Chicago's Field Museum bought Sue in 1997 for $8.4 million. It made casts of Sue's bones so they could travel and be seen by people worldwide.

"A T. Rex Named Sue," will open as part of the science center's general admission and runs through May 12.  With Sue as the centerpiece, visitors will also be able to explore interactive exhibits including a dig pit and video footage. An IMAX film is also offered.

The Science Center of Iowa will close Jan 22-25 so crews can install Sue and the exhibits.