Pella Chronicle

October 7, 2011

Looking back at the one room school

The Chronicle

Pella — Victory was  about 2 miles northeast of Pershing at the southeast corner of Oregon Dr. and 180th Ave.

A souvenir booklet given by Ann Monroe in 1906 indicates the following students enrolled:  Estell Cline, George Darnell, Ethel and Harold Fast, Lee Hollingshead, Ruth and Everett Perry, Zella and Fern Rowland, Beryl Cummings, and Mariam, Helen and Richard Rankin.

Martha Sherwood Shivvers writes that this was her first school in 1933.  She had 24 pupils in nine grades.  At age 18 she had just received her certificate in August at Simpson.   Martha stayed one for year at a salary of 40 to 45 dollars per month.

For several years this school was known as Victory Central.

Teachers were Miss Lizzie Nickeru 1872, Miss Hodges 1880, Wm. Jones  1883, Nora White 1886, Miss Kate Brennan, Miss Ella Maddy 1890-91, Miss Emma Maddy 1892, Anna Darnell, Aura Dickerson 1894, Julia Ruckman, Miss Kate Brennan, Miss Blanche Welch 1895, Nellie Rogers, Cora Lyman, Eunice T., Anna Hutchinson 1896, Cora Lyman, Katie Brennen 1898, Katie Brennan, Edith Stroud 1899, Edith Stroud 1900, Verna Gardener, Clara Banks, Lula Townsend 1901, Mary Rogers, Katherine Sturgeon 1903, Mary Rogers, Anna Monroe 1904, Anna Monroe  1905-06, Jennie B. McConnehy 1907, Arminda Ferguson 1908, Edna Townsend 1909, Martha Boylau, Margorie Worthington  1910, Lucille Tysseling 1911, Estelle Claire 1912, Ina Cummings 1913, Maude W. Rankin, Miriam Rankin 1914, Maude Wilson, Edna Townsend Scott 1915, Fern Dainty 1916, June Hanna 1917, Opal◊ Morgan 1918, Zella Maddy 1919, Mrs. Huff  1920, Miss Mabel Patrick  1921, Ruth Fast 1922, Lillian Rowland, Elizabeth Davis 1924, Lillian Rowland 1925, Mary Bridges 1926, Edna Neal 1927, Virgie Davis 1930, Irene F. Thompson 1932, Martha E. Sherwood 1933, A. Jeanne Harsin 1934-35, Jeanne Harsin Hollingshead 1936, Pauline Rankin 1937, Marie Ream 1939, Genevieve Rankin 1940-41.