Pella Chronicle

March 25, 2011

Looking back at the one room school

By Helen Boertje
The Chronicle

Pella — Lincoln school was about two miles west of Knoxville on what is now 92nd ave.  An 1875  map shows it across the road from the Lincoln cemetery.  The school building is still on its orginal location and has been converted into a home by Marvin and Alberta Miller.

 A Knoxville Journal of June, 1877 reports that C. C. Hardin has 63 students.  C. C. was probably a man.  In the early records men teachers were often designated by their first and middle initials while the first names of women teachers were generally spelled out.  School districts with large numbers of students often preferred to hire male teachers because they felt their strength was needed to maintain discipline.

In January  of 1879 the writer tells us that the teacher was “whipping” some of the students with the words “Miss Timmerman has been using the persuader on some of the boys.”

In  February of 1889 the school hosted a debate, probably at night or on a Saturday.  “There was a debate at Lincoln School over women’s suffrage.  Four women and seven men were  judges. There were eight for the affirmative and three for the negative, two of which were women.”   (that figures)

Teachers were  C. C. Hardin  1877, A. D. Clark 1878, Miss Timmerman 1879,  L. Butterfield 1880, Mr. David Kennedy 1881, L. K. Butterfield 1882, Miss Stephens, James Clark 1883, Melle Boydston 1886, Mr. Butterfield 1887,  Prof. Steele, L. K. Butterfield, Prof. Robert Nace 1888, Nellie Bishop, Candace Mach 1889, N. F. Muller, Dora Marsh, Mrs. S. M. Sherman, Dora Murphy, Byron Hardin 1891, Miss Dora Marsh, C. O. Williams 1892, Miss Eberhardt, Fred Smith 1893, Miss Ollie Crowdson, Miss Flora Kester 1894, Flora Kester, Miss Eleanor Cully, Leonard Bane 1895, Jennie Kiefer, Sue Stone, Miss Alice Crosby 1896, Miss Flora Kester, C. M. Wasson 1897, Sue Stone 1898, Julia Hocking, Jennie Keifer, Villa Parnel 1899, Loren Putnam 1900, Loren Putnam, Nellie Morrow  1901, Nellie Morrow, T. E. Ward, Blanche McTaggart 1903, Gerda Putnam 1904, Maude Lamme, Mary Jones, Minnie Hyatt 1905, Minnie Hyatt , Bess Wright 1906, L. Bess Wright  1907, Lucy  Ward, Hal Risse 1908, Thurman Ward 1909, Mary Greenaway, Louise Cox 1910, W. H. Lucas 1911, John Williams, Sue Stone  1912, John E. Williams, Nellie Johnson 1913, Nellie Johnson 1914, Murl McGuire 1915, Beulah Jones Hayes 1916, Olive Easter, Mary Shivers 1917, Mrs. Mary Suelson 1918, Pearl Wortham 1919, Ruth Flanders 1920-21, Mrs. Eugene Speed  1922-23, Mrs. Beulah Hayes 1925-28, Thelma Maddy 1929, Mildred Gregory  1930-31, Helen Emerson 1932-36, Helen Emerson 1938, Mrs. Helen Overton  1939-41, Mary Adair  1942, Mrs. Florence O’ Melia 1944, Ruby Ver Steeg  1945,  Ruby Ver Steeg 1947-54, Mildred A. Lundy 1955-57.

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