Pella Chronicle

January 13, 2012

Looking back at the one room school

By Helen Boertje
The Chronicle

Pella — Georgia Ridge school was northwest of Knoxville, east of 92nd Ave. and south of Jewel Dr.

From the Knoxville Journal of Jan. 10, 1889, comes this bit of disturbing news: “As a school district Georgia Ridge is nearly depopulated.  When we settled in it 30 years ago there were 60 scholars between the age of 5 and 21 now there are 5 or 6 and most of them will be past their school days in half a dozen years.  The board of directors last fall decided to have no more school until the neighborhood is replenished.”  Parents with children must have moved into the district because the school continued until the spring of 1956.

Teachers were George Smith 1879, Miss Courtney 1880, Mollie Clark 1881, Mr. B. Manners 1882, Miss Agnes Manix 1883, Mary Clark, Aggie Manix 1886, Susie Stone, Cora Jacobs 1894, Agnes Manix 1896, Agnes Manix 1898-99, Agnes Manix, Amanda Brown 1900, Amanda Brown, Fannie Eberhardt, Maggie Conway 1901, Bernice Stickle, Margaret Conway 1903-04, Bernice Stickle, Lloyd D. Putnam, Martha Conway 1905, Martha Conway, Beatrice Smith 1906, Hazel Wilson, Beatrice Smith 1907, Charles Wren, Katheryn Wren 1908, Katheryn Wren 1909, Mae McMurphy, Mary Caffrey 1910, Beulah Worstell, John Caffrey 1911, Olive Breese 1912, Mary Caffrey 1913, Ruth Stittsworth 1914-15, Ruth Patton 1916, Bessie Williams 1917, Lee Goodenough, Forrest Bonifield, Margaret Leonard, Roman Reius 1918, Ruth Perry, Vida Davis Crabtree, Ruth Perry Greer 1919, Mrs. Chester Greer, Mary B. Mills Wagner 1920, Mrs. Mary Wagner 1921, Hazel Harkin 1922-23, Nellie Burt 1925, Mary Frost, Gladys Taggart 1926, Gladys Taggart 1927, Otis Crozier 1928-30, Agnes Wren 1934-35, Ivy Stittsworth 1936, Kate A. Mudgett 1938, Maxine Hukill 1939-40,  Joy Morgan 1941, Inez Stittsworth 1942, Dorothy Cleair 1943, Miss Doris M. Turner 1944, Julia Simmons 1945, Marily E. Siefken 1947, Norma Eysink 1948-49, Lucille Morgan 1950-51, Marie Metcalf 1953, Mrs. Ruth Kenney 1954-55.

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