Pella Chronicle

February 1, 2013

Open Face BBQ Beef Sandwich


Pella — 3 lb beef brisket or eye round

1 can low sodium beef broth

1 can water

1 package dry Italian salad dressing seasoning

1 medium onion, chopped

1 green pepper, chopped

1 Tbsp dried cilantro

1 tsp dried oregano

2-3 Tbsp favorite bbq sauce

4 slices rye bread

4 slices Swiss or sharp cheddar cheese

fresh cilantro or parsley

1. Place beef in crock pot with broth, water and Italian seasoning. Cook for 10 hours on low. Reserve half of beef and enough liquid that remaining beef is totally drenched but not soupy for another use, such as chimichanga filling, tacos, shredded beef nachos.

2. To crock pot, add chopped onion, pepper, cilantro and oregano. Turn crock pot to high and cook for 40-60 minutes.

3. Take mixture out of crock pot and place in bowl. Add bbq sauce and stir to combine.

4. Place heaps of meat mixture onto lightly toasted bread slices.

5. Top with cheese. Broil until cheese melts and is bubbly brown. Garnish with cilantro.