Pella Chronicle

March 2, 2012

City of Pella Offers New Programs Focused on Health

The Chronicle

Pella — The City of Pella has recently announced two new programs that are designed to benefit the health and wellness of Pella residents. The two programs, Pella Community Gardens and FREE Community Workouts are now accepting participants through the City’s Community Services department. The details of both of these programs are available on the City’s website at

The Pella Community Gardens are designed to bring gardeners, both amateur and experienced, together in a community-based experience and falls perfectly in line with the community’s efforts to participate in Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative and the application to become a Blue Zones demonstration community. The Community Gardens will be located in Kiwanis Park immediately west of the tennis courts. Gardeners are responsible to plant, cultivate, and maintain/weed their own plot as well as harvest the produce in a timely manner. The cost to rent each plot is $25 per year.  A $25 deposit is also required at the beginning of the season.  If the plot is maintained appropriately throughout the season, the deposit may be returned or used to reserve a plot for the following year. The entire garden area will be fenced in to prevent deer or other nuisances from entering it. Also available onsite will be a composting area and a shed to store garden tools. The garden gate and shed will only be made available to paying renters through the use of padlocks. In order to gage and control usage and costs in the first year, the watering of the garden plots will be performed by the Parks crew. Plots may be rented through the Community Services office located in the Community Center beginning February 22.

To kick off the new FREE Community Workout program, the city is offering Kouch to Klompen, a local take on the nationally recognized “Couch to 5K” program. Within this program, participants build endurance and athleticism to the point that they are prepared to run a five kilometer (3.1 mile) race, even if the person had never laced up a pair of running shoes prior to the start of the program. At the end of this program, is the community’s very own Klompen Classic, which is to be held on May 2 this year. This program will begin on Monday, March 5 and run through the date of the Klompen. The group will meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 6:30 for approximately thirty minutes. The first two weeks’ workouts will be held in the Community Center gymnasium. After spring break, the workouts will be moved to the track at Schipper Stadium on Central College’s campus. No fee is charged for this experience and participants should feel free to join the group at any time. If success is seen through this initial program, the City plans to offer continued free workout programs throughout the year.