Pella Chronicle

October 19, 2012

Writer comments on local forum

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor,

I attended the Chronicle's candidate forum October 3 at the Pella Public Library. I was impressed by candidates' regard for the public purse but disappointed with some attitudes expressed towards government. I am even more disappointed (but not surprised) to think these attitudes to represent our fair city.

Ken Rozenboom, Republican candidate from our senate district, seeks to "keep government off our back" and fight "the nanny state" for the sake of a better business climate. He believes government keeps growing, in Chronicle writer Steve Woodhouse's words, "because shrinking government is not in a politician's interest." Could it be that the politicians he blames actually think there's more to th'e public good than lower taxes for business? Could lowans on balance agree?

In contrast, Rozenboom's Democratic opponent Timothy Tripp hopes to be "a voice for the voiceless." He brazenly confessed to once having "worked in an agency," as "a bureaucrat." Unrepentant, he admitted liking the public library we met in, and doubted that trusting individual landowners to build/maintain street segments on their own land as each personally saw fit would be the best transportation plan.

Rozenboom reminded us that government tends to be inefficient. Indeed it does. While individuals are free to pursue private interests, government is left to "form a more perfect union" by doing necessary stuff that private citizens find unprofitable or impracticable. It is because defense, administering justice, educating all comers, maintaining infrastructure, etc., are messy and step on toes that they are public business. I am grateful for those services.

Chad Ray