Pella Chronicle

July 5, 2012

Writer comments on Supreme Court’s ruling

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor,

It will take some time for the smoke to clear from the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Obamacare.  But a few conclusions are already apparent.

First, the court had to throw out a big part of the Obama administration’s reasoning in order to uphold Obamacare.  The court all but called Obama and his subordinates liars for saying the cost to consumers if they didn’t obtain health insurance was a penalty rather than a tax.  It certainly is a tax, the court held.  That was the only way they could approve it.  So Obama has again broken his campaign promise not to increase taxes on folks earning less than $250,000.

Second, the court’s majority opinion stated that Obama’s claim that forcing people to buy health insurance was constitutional under the Commerce Clause was wrong.  It is not constitutional.

Third, it’s been demonstrated again Obama will say anything (true or not) and do anything (just or not) to get his own way.  In 2008 I warned the public in this space that because Obama learned politics through the corrupt Chicago machine he would govern the same way if he won.  Sadly, I have been proved right.

No one should be fooled.  Obamacare will degrade the quality and availability of the health care we all receive.  It will cut Medicare by hundreds of billions of dollars.  It will increase the nation’s debt by trillions of dollars.  (The Congressional Budget Office has changed its tune and now tells us Obamacare will add to the government’s deficit, not reduce it as Obama claimed.)  It will wreck the budgets of the states by adding millions of people to Medicaid, already a great burden to Iowa and every other state.  It will induce doctors to retire or limit the numbers and types of patients they see.  It will convince employers to dump their health care plans and/or restrict hiring to keep the number of their employees low enough to avoid Obamacare’s provisions.  It will reduce incentives to take good care of one’s own health because under Obamacare every irresponsible person who engages in behaviors risky to health is guaranteed access to health insurance, and the costs of that insurance will be subsidized by all you responsible folks who do take care of your health.  Obamacare is terrible public policy.

America was already in decline under Obama’s presidency, and Obamacare is another hard shove further down the slope.  But we have one last chance to escape.  We can – we must – elect Mitt Romney president and elect enough Republicans to Congress so that Obamacare is repealed.


Lyle D Horman