Pella Chronicle

May 29, 2012

Writer supports Sandholt

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor:

I am writing on behalf of the Jason Sandholt for Sheriff Campaign.  I am not a resident of Marion County, but my family roots run very deep there.  I still have a strong connection to the Marion County area.  Many family members reside there and I still enjoy visiting some of the most beautiful places in Iowa throughout the county. In fact my father lived the last years of his life at Jefferson Place in Pella.

I had a wonderful and fulfilling 35-year career with the Iowa Department of Natural Resource.  During that period I had the extreme pleasure to work along side both Jim Sandholt and his son Jason for many of those years.

Jason is an officer that has integrity, dedication and passion as a law enforcement officer and administrator with the Iowa DNR.  The many occasions that I can remember where Jason made the hard choices putting the resource and people he served ahead of his own safety and personal welfare.

I want the people of Marion County to know that Jason will make a great Sheriff.  He comes from a law enforcement family and now has his own family that he is very proud of.   He has been an important member of the Marion County Law Enforcement family for many years.  Jason is an officer that other officers could depend on; who treat’s people with respect, dignity and can be tough when he need’s to be.Jason has a solid background as a field officer and as a leader.  Again, always ready to make decisions when it may not be popular, but right.  He has the right stuff to serve not only my family in Marion County, but also the many people that call the area home.  Keeping it a safe place to live and work.  Please support Jason in the upcoming election for Marion County Sheriff.


Rod Slings

Iowa DNR Law Enforcement Supervisor (retired)