Pella Chronicle

March 29, 2013

Pella couple supports bond issue

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor,

If you had told us, a couple residing in northern Virginia outside of Washington DC in the early 90s, that we’d be living in Iowa in 1998, we would have thought you were crazy .  But in late 1997, we were asked to move to Pella by Emerson Electric to work at one of their companies, Van Gorp Corporation. Since that time, Pella has become our hometown – a place we can't imagine leaving. In fact, we've made a commitment to the community through the purchase of Van Gorp from Emerson over ten years ago.

We own our home here and are deeply involved in community activities – volunteering in many ways.

Our three daughters are growing up in Pella and are students at the community middle school and high school.

We support the proposal for renovating and expanding the facilities in the Pella Community School District and encourage you to vote "YES" on April 2 in the school bond vote.

We recognize that this proposal will affect us, both through the property tax increase that we will pay for our business as well as our home. But we think the children in our community are worth it.

The renovations at the high school are extensive. The current lunch room is too small to accommodate all the students who eat there.  Students should not have to sit on the steps or balance a plate on a bench in the entryway just to eat lunch. The security is in need of enhancement, since the current configuration allows visitors to walk in through the front door and avoid the office completely.

The arts and athletic expansions and improvements are greatly needed.  Enhanced spaces and improved facilities will benefit our students.   Our girls are involved in several athletic teams and will benefit from the expanded fitness center.

The Career Academy and partnership with DMACC has great potential for benefiting our business as well as others in town. Imagine having a high school program that is preparing students for jobs right here in the community shortly after high school graduation. That's education that works for both students and business.

There's much more in the plan. We encourage you to look at the details at and learn about the bond issue. And we strongly encourage you to vote "YES" for all of our children.


Joe and Susan Canfield