Pella Chronicle

June 29, 2012

Special Thank You

The Chronicle

Pella — On behalf of the Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa I want to thank so many people in Pella, Iowa who helped to make the State Flower Show and State Meeting on June 21st and 22nd a great success. It was a pleasure to visit your city. Of course the Dutch Letters were a must!  Thank you Jaarsma Bakery for your list of your products  with no milk in them. It is so much appreciated. Of course, I just bought more and more.

To The Pella Chamber of Commerce who provided the goody bags and provided  information that guided all of us to your great city. The personal was so helpful and kind.   Vermeer Manufacturing's Pavilion was a wonderful place to hold this meeting. Their personnel were so helpful, congenial, and thoughtful. It  felt like it was home.  The container plantings outside the facility add so much around the building.  The Hotel Amsterdam was so willing to   provide  a specialized meal that was needed when the catered meal couldn't be eaten.  The nursery that provided containers for door prizes thank you so much. I am sorry I don't have your name. The florist that provided the container display upon entering the Pavilion thank you so much. Again, I don't have your name. The Pella Garden Club again outdid themselves with planning the flower show. It was awesome. The Pella Garden Club is such a talented, knowledgeable and willing garden club. I  encourage anyone who is interested in horticulture. the Pella Garden Club is the club for you. I heard nothing but wonderful comments about your fair city and the stay Pella.  If I have forgotten anyone, I am sorry.   Kudos to the City of Pella.   Who knows we may just see you again next year.

Darla Kay Kickbush

Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa State President