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July 8, 2011

Letter to the editor

Pella — To the editor,

Ironies abound in the Chronicle’s report of Sarah Palin’s visit to Pella for the premiere of the documentary film, ‘The Undefeated.’

First, the Chronicle reports that tickets to the premiere ‘were not sold, but given to local Republican Party supporters, known Palin supporters and other local leaders.’  This is followed immediately by the comment of Pella Opera House Board member Elaine Sagers that ‘the goal was to make it a community event.’ It was clearly Sarah Palin’s goal to make it a political event, not a community event - unless, of course, we assume that the community of Pella and the community of Palin supporters are one and the same.  

Irene Blom, Marion County Republican Chair, compounds the irony when she says, ‘I think Pella better think it’s a great honor.’  (We’d better think so . . . or what?)  Sarah Palin is the ex-governor of Alaska in much the same sense that Elliot Spitzer is the ex-governor of New York:  She was unable or unwilling (for reasons that in her case have never been satisfactorily explained) to complete her term; so she resigned.  I would not feel all that honored by a visit from ex-governor Spitzer; nor do I feel obliged to be honored by ex-governor Palin’s visit.

Palin’s abrupt resignation from the office entrusted to her by the voters of Alaska makes the title of the documentary a third level of irony.  Frankly, it’s easy to be ‘undefeated’ if you quit before the game is over.  But that’s not an especially admirable way to avoid defeat.  Palin has always been adept at playing the victim card; but I hope that Pellans, on reflection, will realize that this is not the attitude of a winner.

David E. Timmer


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