Pella Chronicle

April 25, 2013

Writer questions airport

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor,

Did you get the pleasure of sewer water in your basement on April 16 and 17? I did and this was not the first time! I think it is time for our Councilmen, Major, and Administrator to take care of the city's infrastructure before they think of building a new airport that will raise our taxes. If the people of Pella don't get on the band wagon and oppose things that only benefit a few, instead of the whole of Pella, our taxes will be sky high. If we spend all of our money on a new airport we won't have any left to improve our failing infrastructure. Who will benefit from the proposed airport? Not the ordinary property owner!

The airport may cost as much as 148 million dollars. According to the 28E report the city of Pella will pay 60 percent and Oskaloosa will pay 40% of that cost. Don't you think the people of Pella should have a vote on funding a new airport?

Beulah Van Berkum