Pella Chronicle

August 5, 2011

Letter to the editor

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor,

The boating community needs to be aware of the US Army Corp of Engineers’ plan for your summer of 2012.  

There is a plan in place to require mandatory life jacket usage by everyone who is on a boat on Corp of Engineers lakes, starting with test sites in 2012.  Lake Red Rock has been proposed as a test site.  There is more information and a survey at

In our opinion the “survey” is a sham, and the whole idea is a power grab, not a safety initiative.  

Why has the Corp of Engineers not brought this idea forward in the media?  And why does the so-called survey have no response choices for “none of the above”?  

There are already regulations in place that require that life jackets and other safety equipment be on board boats.  Youngsters are already required to wear life jackets while boating.  Adult boaters can take responsibility for their own life jacket decision, which will not affect the safety or enjoyment of others at the lake.

Please go to for more information.  When you find the “survey” you have the option to skip the questions, and use the comment section to express your opinion.


Mark and Lori May