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July 13, 2012

Writer has own views

The Chronicle

Pella — To the editor,

This is in reply to the letter by Lyie Horman in last weeks Pella Chronicle. I don't mind that he writes letters but it would be a good thing if he got his facts straight before having them printed in the newspaper.

Mr. Horman obviously did not like the Supreme Court's upholding The Affordable Care Act. Since we were the only large country that did not have universal health care reform, I was quite pleased that it passed. I was a little skeptical if it would or not because there are five conservatives compared to four liberals on the court. Thanks be to John Roberts for voting for what is right and not being partisan like the Congressional Republicans.

I have no idea where Lyie gets his information (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh - ?), but most every point he made is incorrect. Let me just go over a few of his mistakes: the court did not throw out a big part of the health care act (only the part of adding more people to be allowed on Medicaid); the court did not call Obama a liar for calling it a penalty for making those who don't have it, buy insurance. This is a good thing as the rest of us won't have to pay for them when they need health care. Also, forcing them to buy health insurance is not unconstitutional (unless Lyie knows more than the justices on the Supreme Court).;

our health care will be of the same quality that we have now (in some cases even better); it is not going to increase the nation's debt by trillions of dollars (in reality it will cut the deficit by over $100 billion during the first ten years and in the following decade it cuts the deficit by another $1 trillion; Obamacare includes the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history; insurance companies will no longer be able to cap or cancel your coverage (you and your doctor will have control over your health); you can definitely keep the insurance you have if you like it ( your insurance can't be dropped for preexisting conditions or new ailments); it will hold health care costs down to a reasonable level and new insurance policies will be created for those who can't afford the ones that are now available. This bill has already helped a large number of people.

High medical costs contribute to about half of the more than 500,000 personal bankruptcies in the U.S.. This is just one reason that we have needed some kind of health care reform for years.

According to Mr. Horman all will be well if Mitt Romney is elected president. I have sincere doubts about that. He will likely grow the deficit by continuing large tax cuts for the very wealthy and he says he will repeal Obamacare on day one in office if he is elected president. This sounds strange since he passed very nearly the same thing as Obamacare in Massachusetts. We would likely revert to the same kind of leadership we had with Bush and Cheney. It will be a long time before our country recovers from their eight years in office.

Norma J. Vande Kamp