Pella Chronicle

February 11, 2014

Supervisors expect a 30-cent levy decrease

By Steve Woodhouse
The Chronicle

Knoxville — The Marion County Board of Supervisors is confident that its property tax levy for the upcoming fiscal year will be 30 cents less than last year. 

Supervisor Mark Raymie said that the board's preliminary analysis of the budget shows that the County could not only maintain its level of services, but do more projects, even with a lower asking from the taxpayers. A portion of this is made possible by 10-cent decreases in the County's mental health and debt service levies.

"We're actually going to return dollars to the taxpayers," Raymie said. He is pleased that the County finds itself in such a strong financial position to be able to do this. It's a trend that he hopes can continue. Raymie said it makes him "ill" that so many other levels of government are taking more money from the taxpayer. 

Finalized numbers regarding the County budget are expected next week. County Auditor Jake Grandia asked the board to complete its budget proposal by Feb. 17, to allow sufficient time to meet publication requirements prior to the public hearing. 

The 30-cent decrease is just a projection at this point, and has not been finalized.