Pella Chronicle

March 12, 2014

Vriendschap resident shares collection hobby

The Pella Chronicle

---- — Once a farmer, now a collector, Vriendschap Village resident Kermit DeHaai began collecting ancient Indian artifacts when he was 8-years-old. Now, 79 years later, he has quite the collection.

His collection began when he was a young boy on the farm, because by the river bottom on his family’s land held hidden treasures of Indian artifacts. Over the years, he has collected hundreds of pieces, including arrowheads from bird points to pieces used to hunt large animals.

Kermit’s favorite piece is an Indian Ceremonial Pendant made of low-grade hematite. He often wears this around his neck as a constant reminder of his lifelong interest.

“We encourage our residents to continue doing what they have loved for so many years, and sharing their interests enriches the lives of all our residents and helps us get to know one another,” said Inde Miller, Executive Director. “We love that Mr. DeHaai is so passionate about his collections and he enjoys showing them off to fellow residents and our staff.”

Kermit and his wife, Elfrieda recently moved to Vriendschap Village in November 2013.

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