Pella Chronicle

October 9, 2013

Local artist Hopkins shares his music

By Renee Van Roekel
The Pella Chronicle

---- — “Music cannot do any good if it’s not heard; CD’s collect dust lying on a shelf. I want my music out there, so it can be learned from and enjoyed”, says Music Artist Chris Alan Hopkins. By visiting his website, Hopkins has made his recordings available for mp3 download. “The downloads are free because my primary goal is to get my music heard!” quotes Hopkins on his website.

As a Rock and Roll musician dabbling in the Blues, Hopkins produced a solo project with a mellow tone and beautiful acoustic melodies. “The Naked Truth” is a recording project that came from years of experience and an ear for great inspirational artists such as Pink Floyd. Hopkins writes his own songs, and then gets to work in the recording studio. “The Naked Truth” is a result of a collaboration between Hopkins, his wife Lindsay, and two former band members—Kevin Lyman on the drums and Matt Bell on the keyboard. The album conveys mature emotion that will resonate with many adult or young adult listeners and/or aspiring artists. Though Hopkins has spent the last 20 years working at Pella Corp., his passion for music inspired him to build a recording studio of his own, right here in Pella. In 2006, Hopkins Digital Domain was upgraded to its current condition and is fully equipped for recording all things vocal and instrumental. Naked Truth was primarily recorded from this impressive studio on Clark Street.

30 years ago, Chris Hopkins graduated from Central College with a degree in Music Education. Since then Hopkins has kept busy; He instructed for many years, was a vocalist/guitarist in several lasting bands, and has even given guitar lessons to David Keuning of The Killers. He spent time instructing guitar at William Penn from 1991-1995 and Central College from 1999-2008. He has been in successful project bands such as: Labyrinth, Mister Slate, Cynical Sam, Screamin’ Peas, and Insane Jane.

To listen to downloads and recordings from The Naked Truth, Labyrinth, Mister Slate, and Cynical Sam, visit .