Pella Chronicle

April 9, 2014

City Council approved change orders

The Pella Chronicle

---- — The Pella City Council approved a resolution Adopting Plans, Specifications, Form of Contract, Receiving Bids, Estimate of Cost, Making Award of Contract and Approving the Contract for Furnishing the Street Light Poles for the 2013 Underground Conversion Project during last week’s regular meeting.

At the Policy and Planning meeting on Feb. 18, 2014, Council reviewed options for the street light poles for the Southeast Underground Conversion Project. After discussion, staff was directed to proceed with direct embedded galvanized poles for the residential areas and 1-base galvanized mounted poles for Oskaloosa Street from East 10th to East 16th Street.

This resolution adopts the plans, receives bids, and authorizes staff to enter into a contract with Wesco Distribution for furnishing the Street Light Poles for the 2013 Underground Conversion Project.

The lowest responsible bidder was Wesco Distribution with a bid price of $28,615.01 for 47 direct embedded street light poles and $14,740.32 for 14 T-base mounted street light poles. Both types of poles represented in this bid are manufactured by Millerbernd Manufacturing. Staff is familiar with this manufacturer and believes Millerbernd will provide a product that will serve the intended purpose.

This resolution authorizes the purchase of 47 direct embedded and 14 1-base street light poles in the amount of $43,355.33 from Wesco Distribution. Funding for the project will be from electric reserves.

Council also approved a request to set May 6 as the Public Hearing Date for Amending the FY 13-14 Annual Budget

The reason for the amendment is to adjust timing differences for capital improvement projects and to adjust accounts that may be over/under funded. All adjustments will be covered by additional revenues or existing funds. Therefore, there will not be an increase in taxes or fees as a result of the amendment.

In other action

-Council approved a resolution approving Change Order No. 1 with Eagle Electric.

On Aug. 20, 2013, Council approved the contract with Eagle Electric for the diesel plant controls system project in the amount of $566,000.

During review of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, it was determined that the tie point and station service metering was not included in the design specification. Staff feels having this information available within the diesel plant controls system will be of great benefit for monitoring and recording real time gross and net plant generations both locally as well as remotely.

This resolution approves Change Order No. 1 with Eagle Electric in the amount of $7,220 for addition of selected parameters to the diesel plant SCADA system.

The contract amount will increase to $573,220, and funding will be provided from electric reserve funds.

-Council approved a resolution approving Change Order #3 with Civil Design Advantage for the Pella Sports Park Project

This resolution approves Change Order #3 with Civil Design Advantage (CDA) for the Pella Sports Park Project and increases the contract amount by $4,275.87 for additional professional services for the septic system for the Sports Park including multiple re-designs, additional meetings and communications with the Department of Natural Resources & Marion County Environmentalist.

The sub-consultant for CDA, I & S Group, was finally successful at getting our preferred sand filter design approved by all parties, and thereby, Marion County issued a permit for the construction of the sand filter design as set forth in the original plans and specifications and as modified by addendums.

Fields for Our Future will be responsible for 100 percent of the $4,275.87, which is in accordance with the contractual agreement for funding construction of the complex.