Pella Chronicle

February 15, 2013

Final payments made for Transmission Line Project

The Chronicle

Pella — The Pella City Council approved a resolution during last week's regular meeting accepting improvements and authorizing final payment to Pieperline for the 69 kV Transmission Line Project Related to the Southeast Switching Station in the amount of $81,764.23.

The work consisted of rebuilding the existing 69 kV transmission line from the Southeast Switching Station to the Vermeer Substation, modifications to lines around the switching station, and replacing the shield wire on the City's transmission lines.

In the only other action of the evening, council approved a resolution approving Amendment No. 1 to the HR Green, Inc. Contract for the Water Treatment and Source Design Analysis and increases the contract amount by a not to exceed amount of $44,000.

As background, in 2009 and 2010, HR Green performed an infrastructure analysis for Pella's water utility. Listed below were key points of the analysis:

-The existing water infrastructure is capable of meeting water demands through 2014; however, due to potential water quality issues as well as a lack of adequate water source backup, HR Green stated the City needs to consider in the foreseeable future the addition of a 2.0 million gallon per day (MGD) reverse osmosis plant along with an additional Jordan Well.

-The long-term water supply plan outlined by HR Green involves utilization of the Des Moines River alluvial well system and existing lime softening plant and a new 2.0 MGD reverse osmosis plant along with an additional Jordan Well.

-The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) recommends that communities should be able to cover their load if their largest source of water is out of service, in Pella's case, if the Jordan Well is out of service it appears Pella would not be able to meet this requirement during periods of high water usage and low river flows at the Des Moines River. This type of scenario is most likely to occur during the time periods of August and September.

Since the last Water Treatment and Source Design Analysis was drafted, the City has discontinued use of the Power Plant, which previously constituted a large percentage of the potable water demands in the distribution system. This Amendment No. 1 adds the following items to the Scope of Services of the HR Green contract:

-Analyze recent 2008-2012 demands and provide revised future forecasted potable water demands.

-Provide analysis of recommended improvements to water source and treatment systems.

-Prepare Opinions of Probable Capital Costs for phased improvement recommendations and the associated annual debt service.

-Evaluate the existing electrical system for improvements necessary for adequate standby power due to the discontinued use of the Power Plant. Standby power is anticipated to be required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for source water, treatment, and high service pumping.

-Revise the overall project schedule to include anticipated design and construction schedule.

-All of the above will be incorporated into the final Preliminary Engineering Report to be submitted to the IDNR.

-Assist with preparation and submittal of a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund application including application to be listed on the Intended Use Plan as well as a Planning & Design Loan.

The fee for Amendment No. 1 is based on HR Green's hourly rate with a not to exceed amount of $44,000. This brings the total HR Green contract amount to a not to exceed amount of $99,000.