Pella Chronicle

December 4, 2013

Vriendschap Village encourages families to be aware, 'have talk'

The Pella Chronicle

---- — November was World Alzheimer’s Month, and Vriendschap Village retirement community of Pella, encourages adult children to pay close attention to any changes they may notice in their senior parents, especially as the holiday season is approaching.

“With holidays around the corner, many families will be gathering to celebrate. This is not only a great time to recognize changes in mom or dad, it is a time when siblings can discuss concerns and how to best help their parents in the future,” said Jody Mansueto, Community Life Director at Vriendschap Village.

A few early warning signs of degenerative aging include changes in mood, appearance or socialization. Seniors may also begin to have certain cognitive difficulties.

When asked how adult children of aging parents can best approach and address sensitive topics, Jody Mansueto, Vriendschap Village Community Life Director offers this advice, “Be gentle and caring as you approach parents with this sensitive topic. Let them know you are there to help them live safely at home or to help them have a positive transition to a supportive environment of their choice, like a retirement community.”

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