Pella Chronicle

December 15, 2012

Sanitary sewer main increases size along E. Third Street

By Clint Brown
The Chronicle

Pella — During last week's regular meeting, the Pella City Council approved a resolution for a Change Order on the E. Third Street Sanitary Sewer Project.

This resolution approves Change Order No. 2 with TK Concrete for the E. Third Street Sanitary Sewer Project in the amount of $14,659.55. As background, this project involves improvements on E. Third Street, between Peace and Independence, including: increasing existing sanitary sewer main from 12" to 21", replacement and additional storm sewer, installation of new 8" water main, new water and sanitary sewer services within the right-of-way, replacement of the street with 7" Portland Cement Concrete paving including both intersections, replacement of the 72" inch culvert for the street and 4' sidewalk replacement on both sides.

Details on the composition of Change Order No. 2 are:

-Removal of two old headwalls, hauling debris and reattaching an existing 15" storm sewer. In the past, this portion of E. Third was a rural area with an open ditch system. Headwalls provided additional support to keep the storm sewer pipe and road from moving or washing out. In this case, the original open ditch was tilled in and was completely eliminated many years ago, but the headwalls were never removed. Removal of the headwalls was important at this time to allow for the installation of the new 72" pipe and box culvert for increased capacity. Existence of these structures was unknown prior to construction: $10,034.56

-Removal and hauling of unexpected debris (railroad ties, brick, block, etc.) in the area of the old culvert: $2,312.94

-Upgrade of sanitary sewer services from planned 4" to 6" to match existing. This was due to a discrepancy between the plans based on the City records and what was actually found to be existing in the field. All sanitary sewer services were found to be 6" and not 4" pipe: $1,799.75

-Upgrade of water main service saddles from core blue to all brass: $512.30.The total addition to the contract for Change Order No. 2 is $14,659.55.

Council also approved a resolution for an Engineering Services Agreement with Garden & Associates for the Washington Street and Broadway Street Intersection Reconstruction Project.

At the Policy and Planning meeting on November 20, 2012, staff discussed with Council the proposed street projects for the 2013 construction season. The reconstruction of Oskaloosa Street from Prairie to E. 16th Street (including replacing all utilities) was scheduled to begin in 2013. However, with the Power Plant deconstruction project expected to be taking place during the 2013 construction season, staffs recommendation was to move this street replacement to 2014 to minimize road closures on Oskaloosa Street. Due to serving as a detour for the Main Street Reconstruction project, the intersection of Washington and Broadway has deteriorated rapidly over the last twelve months, and staff recommended reconstruction of this intersection during the 2013 construction season. At the conclusion of the discussion, staff was directed to proceed with securing engineering services for the Washington Street and Broadway Street Intersection Reconstruction Project.

The resolution approves an engineering contract with Garden & Associates in the amount of $33,700 for the Washington Street and Broadway Street Intersection Reconstruction Project. Due to the short time period for completing design services, staff secured Garden & Associates for engineering services. Based on past experience, such as with the North Main project, Garden & Associates have been very competitive in price, are professional in all aspects of their product delivery, are essentially a local company, and continue to give us excellent service. In addition, staff believes their fees are reasonable in relation to the scale of the project.

This project will involve complete street replacement for the intersection, including 100' to the east of the intersection and 50' to the south, west, and north of the intersection. In addition, there will be replacement of the existing water and sewer main and a new storm sewer for the intersection. The new storm sewer will likely need to extend to Lincoln Street to tie into the existing storm sewer system.

Proposed funding for the project will be provided by the Pella Business Corridor TBF Fund.

During the same meeting last week, council also approved a resolution regarding the Urban Renewal Report for Fiscal Year 2012.

During the 2012 legislative session, HF2460 was passed which requires an informational report for tax increment financing (TIF) districts. This report is required to be filed by December 1, but there is no penalty provision for the first year of reporting, which is fiscal year 2012. The City's report has been completed online in the State system and is pending Council approval via this resolution.

The purpose of the report is to increase the transparency of local government reporting of TIF districts. The report provides a snapshot of each TIF district for the fiscal year showing such elements as valuations by class, the total increment collected, projects within each TIF, and the debt associated with each UR area.

The enclosed Urban Renewal Report is for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 and includes the following TIF districts: Bos Landen, which was formally retired in March, 2012; High Point; and the Pella Business Corridor.

The report identifies aTIF fund balance of $1,260,356 at June 30, 2012. In addition, the report also identifies total outstanding TIF debt of $3,332,187.