Pella Chronicle

October 17, 2013

Pella Regional Foundation awards scholarships for RN to BSN students

The Pella Chronicle

---- — The Foundation at Pella Regional Health Center has recently awarded scholarship money to employees who have taken the next step in furthering their education in attaining a BSN degree. Congratulations to:

-Lindy Bradley, Medical Clinic in Monroe

-Deb Davis, Surgery

-Debra Gustafson, Pella Medical Clinic

-Erin Hynick, Medical Clinic in Ottumwa

-Erica Marvelli, Home Health

-Geneva Murphy, Medical/Surgical Unit

“There is a growing body of evidence that shows that BSN graduates bring unique nursing skills to their work and play an important role in the delivery of safe patient care,” said Yvonne O’Brien, chief nursing officer at Pella Regional Health Center. “I’m excited for each of these nurses to continue their nursing education as it will be so valuable for them in their career at Pella Regional. The curriculum for a BSN goes into crucial training areas for today’s nurse. Key areas like communication, leadership and critical thinking have become ever more valuable in the complex and changing world of nursing.”