Pella Chronicle

March 14, 2013

International Dinner at Central College

By Renee Van Roekel The Chronicle
The Pella Chronicle

---- — Guests at Central College’s International Dinner on Friday March 1, had the pleasure of dining on Tunisian cuisine. Salma Rebhi, Central College language assistant and Tunisian native introduced the college to the flavorful foreign food and Central College Catering service prepared the delicious meal for the attending guests.

On the menu were traditional Tunisian dishes including: brik a l’oeuf, Salad mechouia with baguette (vegetable salad), Vegetarian and chicken cous cous (national dish of Tunisa), a carrot salad, and baklawa for dessert. The guests started out with the appetizer brik a l’oeuf, which is a tuna filled pastry triangle. The main course was the cous cous, offered in vegetarian or chicken, with carrot salad as the side dish. The Desert, baklawa, was a tasty guest favorite, especially among the kids.

Some of the words or phrases used to describe the Tunisian cuisine were “scrumptious”, “tasty”, “flavorful”, and “just the right amount of spice”. Attending guest Barb Ashton was thrilled with the menu selections: “The food is excellent. I particularly enjoy the chicken cous cous. I want the recipe!” Diane Phoenix, music professor at the college, comments also, “The food is so good I just had to get seconds!”

Director of cultural affairs, Treva Reimer, did an excellent job putting on the dinner, which on average usually has between sixty and eighty people. “We usually have four international dinners per year,” Treva explains. The next dinner on April 11, will be featuring Austrian food. Central College student Katie Zellmar will help host the next international dinner after she returns from her abroad experience. Treva says, “We are always looking for anyone who wants to share their culture and host a dinner.” This oppertunity to share cultural flavors is not limited to just college students. Treva would like anyone who has any questions or thoughts regarding international dinners to contact her at:

Want to join in on the feast and experience new flavors and culture through food? Come to the next dinner on April 11. Adults have several flavors of delicious wines to select from and eat for fifteen dollars. Students and children ages six to ten can eat for just five dollars. Have young kids under six? No worries. The atmosphere is laid back, friendly and social, and kids under six eat for free.