Pella Chronicle

March 11, 2013

VanderLinden hopes Voter ID bill survives

By Steve Woodhouse
The Pella Chronicle

---- — Perhaps the biggest bill to make it through funnel week, which originated in the House State Government Committee, is one that requires photo identification at the polls. Committee Chair Rep. Guy VanderLinden (R-Oskaloosa) is happy to see the bill moving on. The bill, crafted by Secretary of State Matt Schultz, addresses key concerns Democrats raised about the issue last session. VanderLinden believes the Democrats will still push back on the issue. "They'll find all kinds of reasons to oppose it," VanderLinden said. The bill was expected to receive more attention on the House floor on Monday. Another bill he sought to move forward addressed straight-ticket voting. Both chambers have passed versions of education reform, but there are differences between the House Republicans' proposal and the Senate Democrats' proposal. VanderLinden said he is unsure how the bill will look after the conference committee works it out. Dependent upon how other bills flush out, and their costs are known, he believes that funding increases for schools should stand at 2 percent."I voted for 2 percent," VanderLinden said. "I did that because that's what we can afford." If more money becomes available to raise the increase, he will consider supporting it.