Pella Chronicle

August 28, 2013

Pella In Bloom

By Amy Holmquist The Chronicle
The Pella Chronicle

---- — If you haven’t noticed, the flower beds around the city of Pella are in full bloom and more extraordinary than what they have been the past. Fish decorate the flower beds in Central Park, Sunken Gardens has a wonderful array of white and red flowers depicting a flag, and purple cannas in baskets line the Molengracht.

The parks are spectacular this year with a variety of different flowers and bursts of colors.

Last winter the City of Pella Parks and Tourism divisions really wanted to do something different for 2013, and planned a variety of themed flower beds throughout the city.

“Our goal is mainly to have them be eye catching. You can plant mums and marigolds, but if you have good combinations of different textures, colors, heights, that can really spark people’s interest,” City of Pella Parks Manager Chandler Nunnikhoven commented, “And then if you throw in there themed beds and themed parks, then that can really bring in more people for Pella.”

Those who planned the layout of the flower beds combed through magazines and browsed the internet, looking for varieties that the City of Pella hasn’t seen before. This year they added different kinds of plants and flowers, built trellises to add height and added in vines.

Central Park has an underwater and beach theme where you can view the octopus, sunset and fish themed flower beds.

“We’ve got a lot of positive remarks and we’re always striving to go bigger and better and do more,” Nunnikhoven added.

They’ve already started making plans for next year and took notes at this year’s Iowa State Fair to continue with making Pella’s parks eye-catching and unique. Take a moment to go through the parks in Pella or view photos on the City of Pella’s website and see what the City of Pella has accomplished through the beautification of our city with the themed parks.