Pella Chronicle

March 27, 2013

Council holds short meeting, approve rezoning request

By Clint Brown
The Chronicle

Pella — During a somewhat short meeting last Tuesday evening, the Pella City Council approved the first reading of, waived second and third readings and adopted an ordinance in regards to a rezoning application by James and Marlene Hibma to Rezone Property at 402 Liberty Street from INS Institutional to R1C Residential.

The owners' intent is to bring the residence into legal conforming status as far as use because residential use is not permitted under INS zoning, and if the house would be 60 percent or more destroyed, it could not be rebuilt. This became problematic for the Hibmas recently when trying to refinance the property. R1C zoning is intended for medium density residential neighborhoods, characterized by single-family homes on moderate to small lots. It should be noted that in 2009, 410 Liberty Street was rezoned from INS to R1C in the same way.

The Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Map targets the area proposed to be rezoned for Medium Density Residential which is defined as incorporating a mix of housing types, including single-family detached, and under current zoning regulations typical zoning would include R1C designation. Therefore, the proposed rezoning is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

In other business

-Council approved the request to set April 16, 2013 as the Public Hearing Date for amending the FY 12-13 Annual Budget. The reason for the amendment is to adjust timing differences for capital improvement projects and to adjust accounts that may be over/under funded. All adjustments will be covered by additional revenues or existing funds. Therefore, there will not be an increase in taxes or fees as a result of the amendment.

-Council approved a resolution accepting the FY 11-12 annual audit for the City of Pella. Annually, the City of Pella is required by State Code to conduct an audit by an independent accounting firm. The accounting firm of Van Maanen, Sietstra, & Meyer, PC has conducted and will be presenting the FY 11/12 audit to Council. Highlights for the year include the following:

-An unqualified opinion was given on the financial statements.

-The assets of the City of Pella exceeded its liabilities at the close of the fiscal year by $ 105,442,257 (net assets).

-The assets of the City's governmental activities exceeded liabilities by $41,624,536.

-Assets of business type activities exceeded liabilities by $63,817,721.

-For FY 11-12, revenues for governmental activities exceeded expenses by $2,966,956.

-Within the City's business-type activities, FY 11-12 revenues exceeded expenses by $8,016,228. The City policy is to set rates that fund operation expenses and debt service requirements of business-type activities, in addition, rates are established to fund capital improvements either through pay-as-you go financing or through debt issues.

-At June 30, 2012, the general fund had an unrestricted fund balance of $2,051,767 or working capital of nearly 44% of annual expenditures.

The FY 12 audit is on file in the City Clerk's Office and the Pella Public Library.