Pella Chronicle

April 26, 2013

King named Manager of Health Information Management

The Chronicle

Pella — Pella Regional Health Center has named Val King to the role of manager of Health Information Management. Health Information Management is also known as Medical Records.

“Our mission at Pella Regional of Christian compassion fits well with my background. It’s important for me to work where the mission is carried out not only with patients, but with all staff and with all we do; it really permeates the organization,” said King. “The staff is a great group; I’m excited to be working with them. Beyond my interest in making processes better, what really energizes me about my job is working with and developing staff.”

King joined Pella Regional Health Center as manager of Health Information Management in December of 2012. Prior to that, she’s worked within health care, mainly medical records, for most of her career.

“I really enjoy working in health care and contributing to quality care for the patient,” said King. “Not everyone is cut out for direct patient care. I admire those who can, but that’s not me. Everyone does their best at what they do for the patient and this is where I fit well.”

King explains that there are three main roles of health information management. The first is transcription, which is translating the data from the provider into a report. The second is coding, which is assigning codes to information in the report for insurance payment and assessing the quality of care. The third is record management, which is maintaining accurate records that contribute to quality patient care while meeting legal, federal, and state regulations.

“There is such an explosion of data in health care and it needs to be accurate or it doesn’t do anyone any good,” said King. “We make sure the information is valid. It’s one of our most important responsibilities, as is protecting the confidentiality of that data.”