Pella Chronicle

October 26, 2012

Harkin, Somerville mayor make stop in Marion County

By Perry Bell
The Chronicle

Pella — Iowa State Senator Tom Harkin stopped in Marion County Monday to stump on the campaign trail for President Barack Obama.

Making the trip to the county with Harkin was Joe Curtatone, the mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts. He has been mayor for nine years and was a former Mitt Romney supporter.

Curtatone is from the same state as Obama’s presidential challenger for the November election, Mitt Romney.

"This campaign is all about performance,” Curtatone said.

The mayor pointed out that Massachusetts is on a decline when it comes to manufacturing jobs. “He (Romney) wants to cut taxes for the wealthiest people. He is pushing off the liabilities, the other 47 percent,” Curtatone said.

He added, “I do give Romney credit for Romneycare, that was good for Massachusetts.”

“But when you look at Romney’s record he was wrong for Massachusetts and he’ll be wrong for Iowa,” Curtatone said.

He continued, “Under President Barackā€ˆObama the country has had 31 straight months of job growth. He is getting us out of a recession.

“Based on values the President is building the American middle class,” Curtatone commented.

“Iowans are smart when it comes to the election. They don’t need the snake oil that Romney is passing off. We need someone who will fight for all of us,” he said.

Senator Harkin commented, “We need Barack Obama to help rescue and rebuild the middle class; we don’t need someone in office who will erode it from the top class down.”

“Romney wants to give more to the top and we know that trickle-down economics doesn’t work,” Harkin said.

He added. “The President has been good for Iowa when it comes to farm exports, wind energy and ethanol.”

Harkin pointed out that unemployment has come down in Iowa while manufacturing jobs have gone up in the state.

The senator was asked to detail briefly why Iowans should vote for President Obama in November.

Harkin stated (1) “He understands the middle class and Midwest values.”

(2) “He has an economic program that is working for Iowa. He is getting us out of a recession.”

(3) “Health Care - We have an aging population here in Iowa. The President is working at saving Medicare and Social Security, while providing affordable health care that covers everyone.”

(4) “Education - Obama has closed loopholes where $60 million a year used to go to banks. It is now used for better loan conditions for students, making higher education more affordable.”

(5) “On foreign policy the President has mettle. He is cracking down on al-Qaida and getting us out of Iraq.”

(6) “Energy - The President has helped when it comes to ethanol and wind energy, creating more jobs in Iowa.”

The campaign is also encouraging early voting.