Pella Chronicle

March 27, 2013

Artistic talents used to serve the community

The Chronicle

Pella — Pella Shakespeare Company has been working collaboratively with talent from Union Street Players, PSC and professional voice actors, to record the book “The Four Things That Matter Most” by Ira Bock, M.D., and now the group is reaching out to the community to help them complete the project.

The audio recording is intended for use strictly by the patients and their families at the Pella Regional Health Center Hospice and when completed will be shared at no cost with those who would not otherwise be able to enjoy its content.  The hospice currently provides a copy of the book to every patient and family using their services.  However, whether due to medication, or other physical limitations, some of the patients and their family members have lost the ability  to see or do not have the stamina to read. The audio book created by the collaboration will be provided free of charge to those who need it  in the hopes that it will assist the hospice patients in dying well, with relationships mended. Dr. Byock and his publisher Simon and Schuster have given the group permission to create this audio copy for these purposes.

Ann Wilkinson, who teaches at Central College, is producing and directing the project. "We believe that a professionally produced audio book will allow the listener to relax and really listen" said Wilkinson. "Studies have shown that music, literature and art can combine with palliative care to create emotional healing and therapeutic end of life moments.  This is a great way for  PSC and USP members to use our artistic talents, to be of service to our community and hopefully help people through the last moments of their life.  It's project that fits extremely well with Pella Shakespeare Company's mission."

"The Four Things That Matter Most" audio book project was planned to take place in three stages.  Preproduction: (preparation of material and casting) and Production (recording) are complete, and the group is currently engaged in Post Production (Editing, duplicating, packaging and delivery), although they are still trying to raise funds to complete the final phase.

Wilkinson and all of the voice actors, including voice professionals like Mike Pace and Steve Mathews have donated their time and talents to the project. Wilkinson says, "PSC and USP both contributed funds for the project, and we received a grant from the Pella Community Foundation. The guys at Radio Garage Recording Studio in Des Moines have given us an incredibly generous discount on recording and editing rates, but  there is a lot of editing to be done yet and we  would welcome any financial contributions to help us complete the project."

PSC is a 501(3) (c) corporation. Your tax deductible donations can be mailed to the Pella Shakespeare Company, 1105 Hazel, Pella, IA 50219.