Pella Chronicle

October 23, 2013

Central RED kicks off in a big way with Civil War class

The Pella Chronicle

---- — The Central RED Society launched its first classes recently, with a full schedule for the year lined up.

Central RED Society is the new lifelong learning society that enriches members’ lives through relevant, broad-based learning experiences. Courses range from recreational to academic, part education…part socializing…and always fun! Members sign up to be part of the society and then sign up for the individual classes they want to take.

Debbie Sanderfield Farrow of Oskaloosa was one of the first to join Central RED Society. “My mantra for life has been, ‘I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma,’” she says. “As a result, I was so excited when I learned about Central RED Society. What an amazing opportunity to continue my quest for education, to meet like-minded people, and to broaden my horizons of learning!”

The first Central RED class, led by Dr. Ron Rietveld of Pella, focused on Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War leadership and had more than 40 members in attendance. Sanderfield Farrow said that before attending this class, she had felt “fairly knowledgeable” about the subject. “But after two sessions, I left with five full pages of notes and a desire to research more on my own,” she says.

Upcoming fall classes include a Lunch and Learn with Dr. Jann Freed on leading with wisdom; a holiday appetizers class; and a Fitness after 50 class with Gary and Lois Boeyink.

Spring classes include a Sabbath-keeping class with Rev. Kevin Korver, a Lunch and Learn session with Kyle Munson of the Des Moines Register; a look at 1920s and 1950s fashion with Valerie Van Kooten; and ballroom dancing lessons with Peggy Fitch and Ben Allen.

Members do not need to be college graduates or Central alumni. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Central RED Society, go to or call (641) 628-5154.

“After completing the first class, I am even more convinced that Central RED is the best investment I have made in my personal growth in a very long time!” says Sanderfield Farrow.