As of Thursday morning, there were 50 convicts listed on Iowa's online Sex Offender Registry living in Marion County. Of those, 25 have Knoxville addresses, though one is listed as being in the Marion County Jail. 

The community breakdown for sex offenders in Marion County is as follows:

• Knoxville-25

• Pella-8

• Pleasantville-6

• Bussey-2

• Monroe-2

• Otley-2

• Columbia-1

• Hamilton-1

• Melcher-Dallas-1

• Pershing-1

• Tracy-1

The Marion County Sheriff's Office is responsible for registered offenders. Scott Jerkins and Troy Bouma handle this in Marion County.

The Department of Public Safety determines the classification of an offender, based upon his or her crime, which dictates how often the Sheriff's Office is required to check on that person. 

One offender in Marion County, Donald Christopher McRae, is listed as having unknown whereabouts. He is classified as living in Pella, but his home address is unknown. 

For a list of Marion County's sex offenders, visit

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