There’s always something happening at Lake Red Rock! Check out these upcoming activities:

June 27- Hunt Like an Animal! - 7 p.m. - Playscape (Meet at North Overlook Beach - north end of parking lot)

Learn what features and characteristics help predators find and consume their food and how their prey has adapted to keep themselves safe. Go on a “hunt” of our own to practice what we’ve learned!

June 28 - Iowa History: Just Dig It! - 10 a.m.-Playscape (Meet at North Overlook Beach - north end)

Learn about the history of Iowa! From glaciers carving the land to prehistoric fossils to Native American history, there is a lot to discover! Get hands-on as we dig for fossils and artifacts!

June 28 - Crawly Creatures: Iowa’s Invertebrates - 2 p.m.-Playscape (Meet at North Overlook Beach - north end)

Under rocks and logs, in the grass, in the sky, under the water... invertebrates are everywhere! Come find out more about these animals! We will learn about the many different types of invertebrates you can find in Iowa, and we will go on a search to find some!

June 28 - Geocaching - 7 p.m. - Howell Station Campground

Never heard of geocaching? Not a problem! Come to this program to learn about this growing sport and participate in it. We will provide attendees with GPS units, and then you can use them to locate hidden caches using GPS coordinates.

June 29 - Iowa’s Fantastic Forests - 10 a.m.-Playscape (Meet at North Overlook Beach - north end)

Forestry is neat! Find out why forests are so important, and learn how to identify many local species of trees through their unique characteristics. Then, we will get to take a hike and use our new knowledge to identify trees along the path.

June 29 - Precious Prairies - 1 p.m. - Playscape (Meet at North Overlook Beach - north end)

Prairies used to cover 30 million acres of land in Iowa-now less than .1% of that remains. Learn about some of the plants and animals that inhabit this diverse ecosystem. Additionally, find out why prairies are so important and what is being done to save them.

July 2 - Slippery Slithering Scales and Slime - 10 a.m.-Playscape (Meet at North Overlook Beach - north end of parking lot)

Snakes, frogs, turtles, salamanders-gross, right? Maybe not! Come learn about Iowa’s reptiles and amphibians. Look for and observe reptiles and amphibians in nature, and you can even handle a live snake if you’d like!

July 3 - Create a Mosaic for the Playscape - 1 p.m. - Visitor Center (preregistration required - call Corps office for details)

Help mosaic some unique “stepping stones” that will someday be added as an artistic element to the new Playscape! *(Limited supply of stepping stones available - please call the Corps office to register for the activity.)

July 3 - Nature’s Fireworks: Fireflies - 9 p.m. - Howell Station Campground

Ooh! Aah! The brilliant flashes of fireflies brighten the warm summer nights and offer a wonderful display! Take a walk in search of “nature’s “fireworks” and learn a bit about the insects.

Programs are free of charge. Outdoor activities may be cancelled if raining or inclement weather. For more information, contact the Corps of Engineers office at (641) 828-7522 or (641) 628-8690.

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