Pella Chronicle

February 1, 2013

Super Sunday?

By Rick Cowman
The Chronicle

Pella — This coming Sunday, February 3 is a special day.  It’s the day the biggest game of the National Football League season called the Super Bowl.  In the football world, it’s often referred to as Super Sunday!  Now for those of you who don’t care about football, this is the game of games in professional football.  It is the World Series of football.  The outcome of this one game decides who is the top of the heap, the best of the best.  Thirty-one teams play sixteen games hoping to get enough wins to get to the playoffs, which culminates in this one final big game of the season, the Super Bowl!

So, are you a fan?  Well, you should be!  No, you misunderstand.  I’m not talking about being a football fan.  Let me explain.  That word “fan” has been used for decades to relate to someone who is a little “fanatical” about their appreciation of some type of sport or some particular team.  It also is used to describe someone who is a “fanatical“ follower of some musical group or personality.  But, it was first used to describe people who were sold out followers (or fans) of Jesus Christ?  It was actually a negative term intended to ridicule a person who was indeed “fanatical” about their relationship with Christ!

Most of us have been to a ball game or other sporting event and have cheered until our voices were completely gone.  Now there’s certainly nothing intrinsically wrong with this.  But when we compare our excitement level for these things to our reading on the excitement meter on Sunday morning, or for that matter to ministry, well, you get the idea!

Since we’re on the subject, do you get excited when you enter the doors of your Church’s meeting place on Sunday morning?  Are you pumped up about what’s going to happen, or might happen, when you show up with others on the same team?  Or, is your mind on the afternoon game or some other activity which has captured your interest?  This might come as a surprise to some, but the gathering together of the Saints is not about a football team in New Orleans (who happens to be playing in this year’s Super Bowl)!  It’s about coming together as one team, one family in Christ, to praise and worship the Creator of the universe!  And it doesn’t get any better than this!

Perhaps the greatest cheerleader of all time was a “fan” by the name of David.  It was likely he who used the following words to pump up the crowd: “PRAISE THE LORD!  Praise God in His sanctuary!  Praise Him in His mighty heavens!  Praise Him for His acts of power!  Praise Him for His surpassing greatness!  Praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet!  Praise Him with the harp and lyre!  Praise Him with the tambourine and dancing (did he really say that?)!  Praise Him with the strings and flute!  Praise Him with the clash of cymbals!  Praise Him with resounding cymbals!  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!  PRAISE THE LORD!” (Psalm 150, NIV) Listen, if you can still breathe (I assume you can if you’re reading this) God has called you to get excited about praising Him!

So, let me leave you with a question.  Not, “Are you ready for some football?”  but “Are you ready to get excited about knowing Christ and following Him?”  This Sunday why don’t you try shouting your praise to the Lord as if it were the only game that day!  My prayer for you this week is that every Sunday will be a “SUPER” Sunday, and that your excitement will carry on through the week and be contagious to those around you!