Pella Chronicle

June 22, 2012

Spiritual Thermostats

Greg Neer
Pella Chronicle

Pella — Do you know what the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat is? A thermometer tells you whether it's cold or hot, but does nothing about it. Sometimes we're like a thermometer. We talk about whether the church is friendly or unfriendly...whether the community is friendly or unfriendly or whether whether life is bad or good. But we are only like thermometers if we do nothing about it.

God calls all born-again Christians to be thermostats in life. A thermostat, like a thermometer, gauges the warmth of a place. However, a thermostat is made with the capability of doing something about the hot or cold in a room. It operates quietly to start the machinery to bring warmth to the cold room.

Jesus came into the the cold world we live in to bring the warmth of God's love. He came to bring light into a world that was dark with fear, confusion and rebellion. He came to bring hope to a world that could only see the hopelessness of bring forgiveness where there was only sin and fear of eternal condemnation. The world still suffers from darkness, fear, confusion, hopelessness, sin and death.

All Christians have been called to be thermostats, to recognize the coldness that comes with all of those things. Like a thermostat, we have been called to do whatever is necessary to bring the love of Jesus into this cold world. To warm it up. "Love makes the world go round," right? Sharing His love will bring hope, forgiveness, light and the assurance of eternal life to those who will believe. A thermostat that has the heat turned up warms everybody in the place. So Christian, don't sit around complaining about how cold and unfriendly the world is around you. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Jesus said, "You (True Christians) SHALL be the light of the world." Not could, should or might be, but SHALL BE. And again he says, "Love one another as I have loved you." Love really does make the world go round! Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?