Central students intern at LSB

Wyatt Crosby and Terry Hefel spent the week at Leighton State Bank as part of Central College’s first-ever Career Kickstarter event.

Central College students Wyatt Crosby, junior, and Terry Hefel, sophomore, spent the week prior to the spring semester at Leighton State Bank. They were two of 44 students to take advantage of Central College’s Career Kickstarter program.

Crosby and Hefel are majoring in Business Management and Actuarial Science, respectively. The micro-internship was a great way for them to see all aspects of working at a financial institution. They shadowed employees from each department, including Human Resources, lending and compliance, and spent time face-to-face with LSB’s President and CEO, Steve Fopma.

After spending time with the students, Bob Claypool, chief lending officer, said, “I’m impressed with the knowledge and ability of young people today. They give me a lot of confidence in the future of community banking.”

When asked what they will remember from their time at LSB, Hefel responded, “Bob Claypool’s quote that ‘Accounting is the language of banking,’ that really stuck with me.”

“We are grateful for the tremendous support from the community in helping students explore career interests and making important professional connections,” said Jess Klyn de Novelo, director of career and professional development at Central College. “A huge thank you to the staff at Leighton State Bank for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our students interested in financial careers.”

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