Central College students to participate in global Walk for Freedom

Participants gather at the Tulip Toren during A21’s annual Walk for Freedom.

Central College students are standing up against injustice and bringing awareness to human trafficking during their annual Walk for Freedom.

The event, which is scheduled on Saturday, Oct. 19, is a way for students like Hannah Tripp and Madison Johnson to not only be involved on campus, but to encourage others to unite together for an important cause. The event will begin at 11 a.m. at the Maytag Student Center on campus.

Tripp and Johnson are members of the Central Students Against Human Trafficking, a student group focused on raising funds and continued awareness of human trafficking throughout the year.

“Since high school, [human trafficking] has been something I’ve been interested in learning more about in order to help stop it,” said Johnson. “I like to help people, so this is a way I can help people, even if I can’t talk to them directly. It’s a great way to get involved.”

During the event, participants will walk in silence while listening to the “Walk of Freedom” podcast. The podcast incorporates facts related to human trafficking with personal stories of survivors.

The event is also part of a global effort initiated by A21, a nonprofit organization, and is the largest organized rally against slavery of its kind. According to the organization’s website, hundreds of thousands of participants have shown up for more than 1,400 walks across 50 plus countries around the world.

“We’re trying to get as many people involved as we can, and we’re trying to tell them the facts,” said Tripp. “Walking through the city of Pella last year, people were honking and waving, and it was really cool to see. We want to do that again this year.”

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