Faux Paws Bakery

Dutch Greeters welcomed Faux Paws Bakery to its new location on Oct. 30.

Faux Paws Bakery received a warm welcome from Dutch Greeters in its new store location.

The business sells food, fresh treats and supplies for both cats and dogs, ranging from handmade Doggie Dutch Letters, bowls and feeders, chew toys, dental care, travel carriers, collars, sweaters and more. The new location offers tables and seating for guests to enjoy lunch with their pets, fun murals to take photos and a freezer to begin offering raw/frozen pet food.

“It’s so easy to go online and order something, so we’re trying to help create a reason that people want to come into the store and make it an experience,” said owner Christy Dykstra.

The Dykstra family began their business in 2016 after bringing a new puppy, Reggie, into their home. Christy Dykstra is hoping to offer self-serve dog wash stations in the future.

“Our whole goal is to try to compliment rather than compete with what’s already here and be a blessing to our community,” said Dykstra.

The business is now located at 816 Main St.

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