Gossip and hearsay fly in Central College’s theatre production of "Rumors"

Gossip and hearsay fly in Central College’s theatre production of Neil Simon’s “Rumors.”

What one cast member describes as “a dinner party gone terribly wrong,” the hilarious farce centers around the Deputy Mayor of New York who has just shot himself at a tasteful, upscale townhouse during his 10th wedding anniversary.

With the Deputy Mayor bleeding in the other room and his wife nowhere in sight, his lawyer, Ken, and his wife, Chris, must “get the story straight” before other guests arrive. Confusions and miscommunications mount between four couples as the evening progresses, resulting in farcical hilarity.

While the cast members masterfully make their characters’ bewilderment and frustrations look effortless, the pace of the production can be challenging.

“We have to do everything so quickly. Not just because the show is going up very quickly … but because there can’t be a beat between lines unless it’s for a comedic purpose,” said cast member and senior Jessica Popejoy-Geiken. “Everything has to go super fast.”

Directed by assistant professor of theatre C.D. Adamson, the fast-paced, high-spirited production will be held for four nights from Oct. 2-5 at 7 p.m. in the Krudenier Theatre.

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