Liz Terborg Sporrer

Liz Terborg Sporrer

Liz Terborg Sporrer

• Age: 34

• Hometown: Pella, Iowa

Q1: Why are you running?

Founded by risk takers and built by innovators, Pella has a long-standing legacy of being an outstanding place to live, work and visit. Recently, we’ve forgotten our true heritage, what the Dutch are best known for, the ability to problem solve, taking a pragmatic approach and using innovation to drive us forward in new ways. Ideas and dreams exist in this community and I want to see our citizens and businesses come together to make those become a reality. This, in turn, will drive economic growth and an overall community experience setting us up for a long and bright future. I am running to represent the movers and the shakers in this community, working to drive the vibrancy of our city.

Q2: What is your work/community background?

Growing up in Pella, my background is rooted in this community. I attended the Pella Christian School system, attended Dordt University in northwest Iowa and most recently obtained a master’s in business administration from the University of Iowa. Both parents taught in this community. I began representing our community at an early age when I was selected to serve as a Tulip Time Court member in 2003. Today, I am the corporate communications manager at Vermeer, and in this role, I connect our company and our community to work that is happening at a national, and international, level. Working with multiple teams, I help bring new people to our community to live and work. Additionally, I spend time working with various non-profits including staples in our community such as the Pella Opera House and Pella Christian. And to top it off, my husband and I have called Main Street home for the past seven years. Pella is where we work, serve, live and play.

Q3: What is the main issue facing your county/district currently?

The main issue stems from one thing, skewed representation. The estimated median age of our community members is 34.2 years. We have a strong working professional group in this community. But, it’s bigger than that. When you research generational trends, Baby Boomers and Millennials have a lot in common. They love learning, they love experiences, they love working hard and they take pride in what matters to them. All Pella residents want to see this community prosper. We all want new ideas to come to life and have places and spaces for community-based experiences be a part of our town. Spaces where families want to visit, live and grow. With the significant growth of companies in our community, but a stagnation in our population growth, there is a clear indication of concern that things are not going in the right direction. We need to be a community with all of our incredible assets working together to grow long into the future.

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