Dutch Greeters welcome VMAX Home Services

Photo by Emily Hawk/Pella ChronicleDutch Greeters welcomed Carlos Sagredo's new business, VMAX Home Services, with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday.

Carlos Sagredo, owner of VMAX Home Services, received a warm welcome from Dutch Greeters on Wednesday.

The business offers heating, humidification, ventilation, air quality, air conditioning and cooling services. Sagredo is primarily offering air conditioning and cooling services during the hot summer months, but plans to offer a wider range of services as business progresses.

Sagredo has extensive experience with repairing multiple issues that could arise in your average home, including but not limited to water leaks, electrical and light bulb repair, plumbing, garage door repair and fire place repair. His goal is to help busy parents and professionals alleviate the stress that sometimes comes with owning a home.

“Right now, I’m just starting to get a feel of what Pella needs in regards to handyman work,” said Sagredo. “You manage your life, we manage your house.”

Originally from Chile, Sagredo moved to Pella about four years ago with his family from the East Coast. Sagredo came up with the name VMAX by combining his children’s names, Victoria and Max, and started the business in February 2019.

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