The Pella Public Library is for the birds!  The library recently became home to 15 birds in a Living Design Aviary.  The aviary is a gift from Howard and Ethel Jaarsma. Library users can enjoy birdsong in the library, and can observe the antics of the colorful birds.  

The birds have been selected for their color, sound and movement, and also to ensure compatibility.  Currently, the aviary includes the following species: Orange Weaver, Java Rice Finch, Shaft tail, Gouldian Finch, Orange Cheek Waxbill, Green Singer, Diamond Dove and Zebra Finch. Once they have settled in, the birds are also expected to nest and raise their young in the aviary.  

“People of all ages will enjoy the aviary,” says Library Director Wendy Street.  “The birds are quite entertaining!”  The aviary is located in the middle of the library, near the windmill.  It can be viewed from all sides.  A notebook with information about the birds is located near the aviary.

Based in South Dakota, Living Design specializes in bird aviaries and indoor gardens.  In addition to handcrafting and installing the aviary, Living Design provides quarterly maintenance of the aviary and health care for the birds.  For more than 20 years, they have placed aviaries in schools, health care facilities, medical offices, private homes, hospitals, and libraries.


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