The team of Cantaritos Grill and Cantina is excited to introduce fresh, authentic Mexican dishes to Pella.

Owner Richie Hernandez has been working in the restaurant industry for 16 years and recognized the need for additional dining in Pella. Originally from Los Angeles, Hernandez moved to town over a decade ago and immediately fell in love.

“I wanted to open my own business and stay here, which is perfect,” said Hernandez. “It’s a beautiful town.”

The restaurant will introduce new flavors and sauces, all while paying homage to traditional, Mexican dishes. Guacamole will be served fresh and made right at patrons’ tables upon request, and Hernandez plans to press homemade, aromatic tortillas at a station just inside the front door. A spacious bar will have a plethora of tequila options, and different specials will be available each week.

For Hernandez, the customers are what keeps him in the restaurant industry.

“I’ve been doing it so long, it just feels like I’m at home when I’m working,” said Hernandez. “I love it because you get to meet all of these new people, especially in this town, who are repeat customers. You know what they like to order, what they drink, and you really get to know them.”

Hernandez would like to have a soft opening before officially opening their doors, but no official opening date has been set. However, Hernandez stated they are getting very close to introducing new flavors to Pella.

“We want everything to be just right,” said Hernandez. “There are some customers that only give you one chance, so we really want our customers to leave happy and hopefully become repeat customers.”

The restaurant is located at 1205 Washington Street.

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