Kaden's Kloset

Local director Jamie Chapman (left) and volunteer Diane Mitchell (right) tell students how they can help children in the foster care system by donating items for birthday boxes.

Pella Christian Grade School students will have the opportunity to help children in the foster care system by donating items to Kaden’s Kloset for their yearly Christmas project.

Kaden’s Kloset is a non-profit organization that provides clothing, personal hygiene items, school supplies and other items to children who are in foster care. The organization also sustains ongoing services for foster and adoptive families and equips people to engage in caring for children and families in need.

Local director Jamie Chapman and volunteer Diane Mitchell visited students at the school’s Nov. 27 chapel. Chapman and Mitchell shared how students can be involved by donating items for a birthday box designated to each classroom.

Chapman said she and Mitchell were inspired to create birthday boxes after meeting a child who had recently been placed in foster care.

“One day, when we were open on a Saturday morning, a little girl came in and was about seven years old,” said Chapman. “She said she had just been placed in a new foster home a few days before, and she told me it was going to be her birthday that Tuesday. I wished I had something special I could give her, because she was going through a lot of changes during that time in her life.”

Chapman encouraged students to bring items children their age would like to play with, using examples like dinosaurs, board games, puzzles, books and baby dolls. Children will be gifted with the special boxes on their birthdays.

There are multiple closets across the state, including First Reformed Church in Pella. Mitchell shared the closet’s growth over the past year-and-a-half since they were established in the community.

Visit kadenskloset.com for more information on how you can donate.

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