Pella Garden Club raises $11,000 for walkway

Photo by Emily Hawk | Pella ChronicleHorticulturist and garden editor of Better Homes and Gardens Marcia Leaper gave a presentation about pollinators and the importance of gardening during the Annual Garden Party on Thursday.

The Pella Garden Club raised a record amount of $11,000 for the Tuttle Learning Walkway during their Annual Garden Party on June 27.

The Trust had previously raised a total of $58,550 before the garden party, with their total goal being $150,000 to $200,000. The fundraiser received support from nearly 100 businesses and individual sponsors with a silent auction and raffle drawing.

The Historic Pella Trust has partnered with the city of Pella to build a walkway that will link Sunken Garden Park and the Historic 1843 Tuttle Cabin by using the existing city-owned alleyway at 608 Lincoln Street.

The walkway will focus on the early history of Pella to create an educational experience, using landscaping and signage to offer historical information and awareness of the city’s history. Walkway benefits will create an entertaining way for visitors, children and adults to learn about the city’s heritage, add a high-interest tourist attraction and connect two historical sites.

Heritage plants for the walkway will include bushes and shrubs, trees, native prairie grasses, wildflowers and perennials. Klingner and Associates will be the engineer of the project.