In the wake of 2008’s disasters, and the subsequent presidential disaster declaration, a long-term recovery committee (LTRC) was formed in Marion County. According to Marion County Emergency Management Director Jeff Anderson, the LTRC has since subsided, but if there is anyone still in need of assistance, help is available.

Grants, of up to $2,500 per household, are available to those who qualify. For those who were affected by a natural event between May 24 and Aug. 14, 2008, and still have an unmet need, applications are being accepted until June 30, 2010.

To be eligible to receive funds, one must have registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and have a FEMA number. The agency who is now handling the applications for Marion County is the Iowa Disaster Human Resource Council (IDHRC). The IDHRC can be reached at 1-866-363-1974 or by e-mail at

Anderson said Marion County’s LTRC stopped receiving calls. He believes that even though calls did not come in, there may still be people who need assistance. By turning this responsibility over to the IDHRC, he believes victims can receive the help they need faster than if he had to call a meeting of the LTRC for every case.

Some larger counties have a standing LTRC to handle these situations, thus making it easier to handle these unment needs claims. The formation of a standing Marion County LTRC is a goal for Anderson, but he says he does not have the time to work on it now.

Marion County is among 78 in the state eligible for individual assistance due to last year’s events. For more information, contact Anderson at 641-828-2256.

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